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Quickclose software

Installation of Quickclose

Restoring Quickclose from SD card

Software Update

"Arc Length not displayed"

Astro Module in Version 3

Installation of Quickclose

How to install Quickclose on a HP49G+                           Version 2.15        Version 3.01

How to install Quickclose on a HP48Gii                            Version 2.15       

How to install Quickclose on a HP48G+ or HP48GX          Version 2.02       

Restoring Quickclose from SD card

HP49G+ and HP50g only

in the following, [A] is a hardkey, |A| is a softkey.

Hold [ON] and press [C] to reboot OR:
To clear all data, settings and all programs, hold [A] + [F] and press [ON]. To confirm, press [ENTER] and |NO| 
Press [Left-Shift] then [APPS] to bring up the file manager, then [3] to select Port 3 for the SD card.

Use the down arrow key to highlight  LOAD, and then press the |EVAL| softkey.

The calculator will turn itself OFF. Press [ON], press [ON] again, press [VAR] |QCLOSE| |RUN| to start.
To recover Quickclose from the internal ROM, select port 2 ‘flash’  instead of port 3 ‘SD’ .

You should be in familiar territory now: press the  RUN  soft-key to launch Quickclose
It'll now ask for the serial number (from the CD) and then the corresponding key code (typically written on the Quickclose CD )

Software Updates

October 2006

Version 3.10 - for HP49G+, HP50g only. For HP48Gii, use version 3.01
The update combines the CORE and PLUS versions and also integrates the sun/star azimuth program from the Version 2 ASTRO program.  Backing up Quickclose to ROM or SD card will now back-up Astro program and data.
A modification has been made to the CLOSE printing program to enable printing of misclose and area data after
printing of bearings and distances to an IR printer.

June 2006

Version 3.01
Fixes a bug that prevents missing data being displayed in the CLOSE module
This version can be installed as an upgrade (leaving data and settings unchanged) or as a full new install
Click here to download the patch.

May 2006

Version 3.0 released

For current calculators: HP48Gii and HP49G+ as well as the older HP48G+, HP48GX and HP49. 
For technical details click here. Also new is the use of a code to activate the software after installation.
This new version of Quickclose is available as a (payable) upgrade to existing license holders.

March 2006

For version 2.15 -  updated version of TOSD program
This update version of the TOSD program now backs up the CRV library (as well as the main library )
Click here to download TOSD2
Place it in the Quickclose folder on the HP49G+ calculator and it'll be included in the back-up to SD card

Dec 2005

Version 2.15 for HP49G/HP49G+/HP48Gii
A bug has been identified with Expert version 2.14 only installed on the HP49G+ and HP48Gii affecting the Corner Referencing Program (R->CR).

Version 2.15 is available free of charge for holders of a license for Quickclose version 2.xx
Please send us an e-mail with your
- name, your
- current license number ( on the floppy disk and invoice) and
- return e-mail address if not the one you're sending from.
Click here to compose e-mail

July 2005

Version 2.14 for HP48Gii, HP49G+
The Astro Module is separated out of the main program console. Great for running on HP48Gii which has limited memory.
Keyboard mapping suited to 48Gii/ 49G+ keyboard layout
Fix bug in area calculation of closes

August 2004

Version 2.13 - for HP48Gii, HP49G+ and HP49G
For HP48G+ and HP48GX the equivalent version is 2.02 (unchanged)
Version 2.13 fixes a bug in the close module and adapts the software for a difference of the ROM used in HP48Gii and HP49G+ as compared to the HP49G. This difference was affecting COGO, RADI and TRAV functions.

"Arc Length not displayed"

In Quickclose version 3.01 running on an HP49G+ a problem was found where the arc length  was not displayed when entering the data in the Close module. See the picture on the left for the correct display of the sample from the Quickclose manual.
This only seems to happen in older ROM versions (i.c. Version 3.54, Build 31) so the simplest way is to update the ROM of your calculator to version 80 or later. You can do this via the PC and the connectivity kit or via an SD memory card. See our calculator hardware support pages for more info.

Astro Module in Version 3

Version 3 does not (yet) include the Astro module, as it is not used very often any more these days. However, after installing Version 3, you can install the Astro module from version 2, which is also on the Quickclose CD. Note that Astro will reside in its own directory on the calculator. As it is not installed in or under the Quickclose directory, it will not be backed up by the  ->SD  soft-key in version 3.00 and 3.01. Version 3.1 corrects this issue.