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Measuring poles

Made by Japanese manufacturer Senshin, using telescopic fibreglass sections.
The internal measuring tape is not made out of steel but fibreglass.

All of these poles have an internal tape measure which provides superior accuracy and ease of reading. It also avoids potential reading errors when one of the sections is not extended, which can happen with poles with a graduation printed on the outside of the pole.

The 8m version is the most popular and is widely used by organisations like the Roads & Traffic Authority and the Police highway patrol for checking vehicle heights and overhead clearance. 

SK202 measuring pole
  • The model SK202 poles are available in 4,6,8 and 12 m height.
  • Reading the height is easy with the in-built tape measure which the manufacturer calls digital.
  • The accuracy of the pole reading exceeds 1/2000
  • tiltable hook adapts to your required point of reference


SK202 model No of sections stored length weight location of tape measure housing
4 meter 8 0.69m 0.83 kg bottom
6 meter 8 0.94m 1.1 kg bottom
8 meter 8 1.42m 2 kg top of first section
12 meter 10 1.41m 2.8 kg top of first section

The diameter of the 8 sections of the 4 and 6 m pole ranges from 14 to 35 mm in 3mm steps

SK206 (5m) Vehicle height pole - the professional solution

  • Based on the first 5 sections of the 8m version of the SK202,  the SK206 (5 m) is especially designed for vehicle height checking.
  • Features a right-angle adapter and  a 1.3 m crossbar so you can measure the height of a truck from the middle of the vehicle rather than the side.  A great way to avoid finding out the hard way that the air inlet snorkel is too high (picture) !
  • includes a staff bubble to keep the pole vertical, plus a canvas carry bag
  • The internal tape ensures accurate and reliable height reading
  • stored length 1.28 m
  • weight 1.7 kg