Total Survey Systems Pty Ltd




Hire equipment

All hire equipment comes with tripod / range pole / levelling staff where required. All hire equipment is calibrated, and instruments have a calibration certificate.

Some of the equipment we have in our hire fleet:

for Builders and Contractors:

  • Sokkia B40 Automatic Dumpy level
  • Sokkia SDL30 Digital level
  • Sokkia DT940 Digital Theodolite
  • Topcon RLH4C Rotating lasers
  • Spectra Precision LL100 lasers
  • Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Grade laser
  • Topcon RLVH4DR Interior laser




for Surveyors:

  • Robotic Survey System : Sokkia SX103 with CarlsonSurveyor Plus or Juniper MESA with SurvCE software
  • Spectra Precision 3" FOCUS30 with Ranger Controller and Survey Pro Software
  • New generation Reflectorless Total Stations Sokkia CX, Sokkia FX, Sokkia DX
  • RTK GPS/GNSS system GRX-2 receiver with Carlson Surveyor Plus or Juniper MESA with SurvCE for topo survey and stake-out.  Base/rover or Corsnet rover
  • APS12 Traverse/ backsight kit
  • Radio's
  • SDL30 Digital Level with 4m BGS40 barcode staff
  • Dual frequency post-processed GPS system (you do the field work and we process the data)